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Neuro-ophthalmology involves the relationship between neurologic and ophthalmic diseases.  (The relationship between the eye and the brain).   It also deals with local pathology affecting the optic nerve and visual pathways.

Patients are referred to Dr. Mitchell's neuro-ophthalmology practice primarily by other physicians or optometrists when these patients have symptoms involving vision problems the doctor feels may be related to the brain.  Examples of these diagnoses include double vision, visual disturbances after strokes or after closed head injury, or unexplained vision loss.

Neuro-ophthalmology examination requires approximately two hours time in our office.  During this visit, Dr. Mitchell reviews previous testing (MRIs, CATscans, etc)  and performs new tests used to diagnose the disorder.  He will perform a very detailed examination of the eyes and nerves affecting the eyes.  At the conclusion of the visit, Dr. Mitchell will thoroughly explain his findings and diagnosis to the patient and dictate a comprehensive summary letter to the referring physician.

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