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9/25/2020 To our valued patients: Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a phone line outage in Edina today. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Our phone service provider is diligently working to restore the lines. If you have an eye emergency, such as pain, sudden onset of flashes/floaters, or sudden decrease or loss of vision, please call our on-call physician at 651-571-0717. Thank you!

Surgery Center

Adjacent to our office, on our Edina campus, is McCannel Eye Surgery. This state of the art, fully certified, ambulatory surgery center was designed and built specifically for our patients who require ophthalmic surgery. McCannel Eye Surgery shares McCannel Eye Clinic's commitment to the utmost in personal attention and the absolute highest quality of care in a surgical setting.

At McCannel Eye Surgery, the patient's experience in surgery is just as important as their outcome. Each patient receives one-on-one, individualized attention throughout their stay at McCannel Eye Surgery. At every stage of the patient's experience, our intimate environment and caring staff makes their surgical visit as calming and pleasant as possible.

McCannel Eye Surgery provides its surgeons with only the most state-of-the-art technology for their patients requiring intraocular and laser surgery.

McCannel Eye Surgery, its surgeons and experienced staff are all committed to be and stay each patient's first choice for their ocular surgery needs.